What is Sounds Good Studios?

Tucked away in studios 632B and 632E of the historic Fine Arts Building in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, Sounds Good Studios is a welcome home for private practitioners, events, classes and workshops in the creative and healing arts. We are dedicated to collaborating with the area’s finest teachers and healers who work toward expanding the human experience through creativity, healing, growth and change. We have two charming spaces which uniquely serve our collaborators and community.

At approximately 750 square feet, Studio 632E is our smaller space. Each week you’ll find private singing and healing sessions happening in this space as well as rehearsals and meetings for small groups.

Studio 632B is a versatile studio at approximately 840 square feet. In this space you’ll routinely find community singing events, meditation gatherings, sound healing workshops and private healing sessions.

We hope you’ll consider joining us for a private session with a practitioner or one of our exciting upcoming events. Or, if you’re interested in collaborating with Sounds Good Studios on an event or practice of your own, please visit our contact page and submit your form. We can’t wait to connect!

Here’s how we got here.


Hi, I’m Davin Youngs and I am the founder and owner of Sounds Good Studios.

I am also a singer, teacher and sound guide. Having witnessed firsthand the radical and transformational power of the voice in my own journey, I have been committed for the last 16 years to using the voice and singing to help others find transformation in their lives. Most recently, this work has expanded for me beyond traditional singing lessons and into the realm of sound healing, meditation, yoga and the healing arts. Sounds Good Studios is a part of this evolution.

It is my intention to hold this physical space in Chicago for others who are interested in pursuing and sharing in their own journey in the creative and healing arts. Sure, this is in some ways a selfish endeavor, but overall my hope is to find new and evolving community in this challenging and beautiful world we live in.

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of my story, I invite you to listen to this podcast I recorded with New York Times best selling author, Rob Bell. I share a bit about my upbringing as a singer and how I landed where I am now.

Finally, I invite you to join me! This journey is fun and filled with most joy when we do it together. If you see something on the schedule that interests you, come join! Or, if you have something you’d like to share in our space, feel free to visit our contact page and submit to become a collaborator.